Charlie bit me-again, and again -and again

Charlie bit me-again, and again –and again

In 2007 Howard Davies-Carr, father of the two sons Harry and Charlie recorded with his video camera a lovely scene of the two little brothers. He then uploaded the 56 second long video on You Tube so that his father-in-law could see his grandchildren. The rest is history. The video became one of the most viewed home movie in history. By now there are over 490 million views, and as a real viral video the scene has been remade multiple times. The two young boys became real celebrities and the father couldn’t resist the pressure of the fans to keep them informed about his boys. He started a Harry and Charly blog: In an interview the father commented that his sons are now almost legendary. But now, they have become hip again, since recently a Charlie Bit Me!! App for Apple and Android was released. As one self-appointed YouTube fan reviewed this app: “I think the app is brilliant, just the fact that it exists because it shows the power of internet and the power of You Tube.”

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