Dag van de Amateurfilm 2012

On Friday September 28th the annual ‘Amateur Film Day’ will take place during the
Netherlands Film Festival. This year’s theme: ‘congratulations’.

The theme of ‘Congratulations’ allows the Amateur Film Day to celebrate several anniversaries and milestones in the field of amateur film, among which the centenary of the first successful format for the home movie market, 28 mm film.

The program looks as follows:

11.00-13.00        100 years of 28mm film – guest presentation Brian Giles
14.00-15.00        Celebration of 80th anniversary of NOVA
15.00-15.30        Presentation Amateur film Platform by Lotte Belice Baltussen (Beeld & Geluid)
15.45-16.30        Lustrum collaboration Jongeren Cultuurhuis Kanaleneiland

Location:              Theater Kikker, Utrecht
Date:                     September 28th, 2012
Entree:                  Free, but reservation required at Nederlands Film Festival

For more information about the different presentations, visit the website of Stichting Amateurfilm.

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