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The “Changing Platforms of Memory Practices” Conference

“Changing Platforms” will be an international meeting on the complex relationship between media technologies, user generations, and mediated memory practices from both a contemporary and long term historical perspective. The conference aims to grasp the technical, social and cultural dimensions and changes in the use of technologies of memory, such as home movies, home videos, sound recording and digital technologies. Please join our conference and register at: For more info:

Update 8 September, 2015: final conference program and abstracts

Final conference program and abstracts contributions now online.

The final program of our conference “Changing Platforms of Memory Practices” is now online.

For a PDF-version of the conference program: Conference program (pdf)
Abstracts of the contributions can be found here: Conference abstracts (pdf)

See you at the conference!!!








Update 30 June, 2015: pre-conference event

Pre-conference event: Expert-meeting:
Building a Digital Platform for Media Heritage in 3-D
Thursday, September 10, 11.00-14.30

The pre-conference event revolves around the recently launched pilot project Digital Media Heritage which aims at developing a prototype of an online platform that affords innovative ways to present, contextualize, and (virtually) engage with culturally and/or historically significant media objects. One of the features of this project will be the display of historical media objects in 3-D. Ultimately, this project strives to go beyond the scope, purposes, and practices of conventional online archives and repositories by equipping its platform with functions and features for facilitating research, education, curation, and international collaborations between media archives, universities, museums, and other, related institutions.
This expert meeting is a pre-conference event of the international conference ‘Changing Platforms of Memory Practices”. The expert meeting is free. We are looking for people to join our first preliminary results and help us make this project stronger. Do you like to share your expertise, showcase a similar project or just want to be there? Then please join us at this pre-conference. You are also cordially invited to apply for a time slot to give a short presentation on the topic of the event as described above.

For more information, please contact André Rosendaal, Project Manager of Digital Media Heritage:
Registration is open now:

Location: infoversum 3D full-dome theater



Update 29 June, 2015: key-note Prof. dr. Roger Odin opens conference

Roger Odin will open the Conference “Changing Platforms of Memory Practices on Thursday Sept 10. He will talk about “Amateur Technologies of Memory: Dispositifs and Spaces of Communication”. Roger Odin is a well known film theorist who has been working on home movies for a long time. We are very proud that Roger as professor emeritus of communication and former head of the Institute of Film and Audiovisual research at the Université de Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle joins us.


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