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“Selfies”: Debate on Amateur Film in SPUI25 Amsterdam

Upcoming Thursday 13th November (17.00-18.30) the Amsterdam based debate center SPUI25 organized a special debate on amateur film, in cooperation with the Institute for Sound & Vision. Dr. Susan Aasman, post-doctoral researcher in the home movies research project, will speak about the effects of democratization and user generational change in the recording of family memories. How have changing media technologies affected the way we (re)present ourselves? And can these images potentially offer us historical and/or iconic imagery of twentieth-first everyday life?

Other presenters of the program include Lotte Belice Baltussen (dep. Research & Development, Institute for Sound & Vision) who will talk about the wonderful Amateurfilmplatform, and Gerard Nijssen, acclaimed audiovisual researcher for the popular Dutch television program ‘Andere Tijden‘ and many other (inter)national historical programmes and documentaries.

For the full program (in Dutch) and reservations, please see the following link:

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